It's okay to be undecided as to what area of accounting you want to practice. That's why our interns and recent graduates have opportunities to try it all.


An internship with Raich Ende Malter will improve your understanding of accounting practices by providing “real world” work experience. Our internship program exposes you to a variety of practice areas. You will learn our accounting approaches and software as you work on client assignments. You can also expect to interact with partners, participate in meetings, attend firm-wide social events, and get an inside look into our firm culture.

Recent Graduates

How fast you get ahead is up to you. We're just here to guide the way. The transition from the academic world into your professional career will occur quickly. Our comprehensive training program is ongoing throughout the year with the goal being balanced professionals. In looking to the future, your initial years are critical to framing a solid foundation. 

Continuing Education

Your college education has given you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to build on. The skills you acquire in your first few years of practice are an integral part of your future. Our dedicated training committee develops and maintains educational and technical programs to keep you abreast of the latest developments, tools, and techniques of the industry, including firm-paid continuing professional education (CPE).

We also help you develop your communication and presentation skills. Through our mentor program, you will learn important managerial skills such as time, budget, and project management. You will also learn essential business development skills such as identifying potential prospects and cross-selling opportunities, navigating the sales process, and maintaining the level of service for which Raich Ende Malter is recognized.

Our Next Generation

Our interns are some of the best and brightest in their classes, so when we hire new recruits, interns get first priority. Here are some of our former interns who made the jump and are now valuable members of the REM family, telling their stories.

The journey to becoming a staff auditor at REM began at the ground floor. I started my first day as an intern with a blank slate, experiencing the best of both the tax and audit world at a mid-sized firm with a small office feel. Everyone from the senior partners to entry-level staff assisted me in learning and navigating the industry, which made my transition to full-time staff auditor smooth. I am grateful to work at a firm with such fun culture and intelligent, inspirational people, especially during the dreaded busy seasons.
— Cody Lau - former intern, current audit staff accountant
My internship at Raich Ende Malter was truly so much more than that. From the start I was given work that came with both great responsibility and a great team. My favorite thing of all about REM is not just the accounting work, but the people I am surrounded by every single day, the people who teach me, challenge me, and value my success just as much as I do. Anthony Bourdain said it best: “Whenever feasible, pick your team on character, not skill. You can teach skills; you can’t teach character”. All I can say is, I know for certain I chose the best team when I chose to work at REM.
— Alexa Cohen - former intern, current audit staff accountant
I’ve had internships where interns weren’t allowed to do much, but at REM it was a completely different experience. I was given responsibility and felt like I actually provided value to the firm. REM has an open-door policy, allowing you to speak to people of any level at any time. At the end of the internship, I was offered to come on board full time, and the transition period felt like nothing at all. I was already accustomed to the people, programs, methods, and practices used by the firm. I’ve had an amazing time thus far and I’d recommend it to anyone!
— Christopher Millan - former intern, current audit staff accountant